Toiletry case "Candresse"

Toiletry case "Candresse"

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Dimensions : 11,8" x 16,7" x 3,15" of the base.
Weight : 3,2 oz.
Composition : 100% cotton.
Care : Machine wash 140° F. Cold water wash. Tumble dry cool.
Origin : France.
Note : Deckchair cloth. Lined with . 2 pockets inside.
A side note from la Maison ivre : Basque cloth in the finest tradition, the stripes are enriched with new inspirations which blend felicitously an incredible palette of colours.
Too bad to live without this charming accessory ! It will host anything you like : beauty tubes, lipsticks, solar cream, toothpaste, blush or even slides for your horses, oh! no for your hairs ! Practical, very practical !
Make up case coordinated with larger stripes is waiting for you !
Tote bag coordinated.

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