Green Anis Apron "Macarons"

Green Anis Apron "Macarons"

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Dimensions : 27,6" x 35,5". Long enough to tie both ways, back and front. Two pockets in front.
Weight : 8,3 oz.
Composition : 100% cotton.
Care : Machine wash 140° F. Cold water wash. Tumble dry cool.
Origin : France.
A side note from la Maison ivre : How many differents flavours ? And will you be able to count them all ? There is a good test : eyes closed, crunch and try to guess the fine taste of the macaroon you eat. More than three wrong answers and you are eliminated ! Those who stay, after the 18 mini macaroons of the apron are illumitated... and very macarooned, it goes without saying !
The test also works with the pink and the brown !


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