Pastic Placemat "J'en ai mangé"

Pastic Placemat "J'en ai mangé"

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Dimensions : 11,8" x 17,7".
Weight : 2,3 oz.
Composition : Plasic placemat. Food compatible.
Care : Use a wet sponge. That's done !
Origin : UE.
A side note from la Maison ivre : That is unusual ! The placemat to tick ! Someone got the idea...  A kitchen placemat and the best tour of the French specialties ! To remember all your happy feasts or ones you want to do. What gastronomic invitation ! But beware of indigestion...
Could be taken as a map or parlour game on the day of picnic for the Foie Gras/Bayonne ham on baguette des près and Proust's madeleines... And here the butter stains disappear like magic !

It's affordable, playful and practical ! For those who have lots of kids and no more washing mahine !
In the same family, ask for the tea towel !



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