Shopping Bag "Château d'Issan"

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Dimensions : 15,7" x 15,7" x 7,5". With a pocket on the front.
Weight : 8,9 oz.
Composition : 100% Fairtrade cotton Max Havelaar.
Care : Machine wash 104° F. Cold water wash. Tumble dry cool.
Origin : France.
A side note from la Maison ivre : In the "Château d'Issan" family, I'll ask for... the bag ! Smart pick !
The shopping bag seriously comfortable, soft but strong, inside which you stick your dish towel, your so chic black apron, placemats, some coasters Pomerol and a trivet Haut Médoc...! And there is still room for wine bottles. Incredible but very good !

My advise : Don't miss it ! You can also play with Clos Vougeot ! And of course with Paris...


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