Pastic Placemat "Vins de France"

Pastic Placemat "Vins de France"

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Dimensions : 11,8" x 17,7".
Weight : 2,3 oz.
Composition : Plasic placemat. Food compatible.
Care : Use a wet sponge. That's done !
Origin : UE.
A side note from la Maison ivre : Make no mistake point, I do not like "plastic" and this society in favor of least resistance !
However, I like wine and wooden barrels, sharing, toast, warm windows that give the rush to go into a shop...
And here, it's tempting ! Wooden boxes, wine tastings, the main regions of France and even some Magnums !
You've got it, this is a placemat very free, friendly and colorful.
For those who have lots of kids and no more washing machine !
You are a family of 4 ? To each his own ! "Huile d'olive de Provence", "Laiterie Parisienne", "Boulangerie Patisserie". Well done !


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